Stop in and check out our different lines of custom tuna rods.  Charlie Ponte, the original creator of the Chatham Special, has been building Chathams for over 28 years. Through word of mouth and great performance, Chatham Specials have become a favorite among serious tuna anglers.  Chatham Specials consist of an 80 lb. class Calstar blank fitted into a 130 lb. aluminum butt.  They allow the rod to bend, which greatly reduces the number of pulled hooks and allows the rod to fight the fish for you.  They are available in two different lengths; the standard 7'6" overall length and the Chatham long which is 8'6" overall.  The standard length is practical for most situations.  The Chatham long is usefull when there is an obstacle that the line needs to clear such as a swim platform or if your swivel rod holder is set back from the transom.  We can make them up with any color scheme you can think of or you can take a look at a few of our many stock colors.                                                                            
Chatham Special Regular                                                $582.00
Chatham Special Medium                                                $592.00
Chatham Special Long                                                     $608.00
Chatham Special X-Long                                                 $630.00

 New to the scene is Charlie's latest creation, the Stellwagon Special.  Stellwagon's come in two different models: a 80-130 lb class and an 80-150 lb class.  Stellwagon's are very versitile rods.  They are light enough to fish stand-up, or they can easily be put into a swivel rod holder to fight bigger fish.  They are made on Calstar blanks and have been rising in popularity with the charter captains over the past few years.


             STELLWAGON 60-130    Short Curved                 $461.00   


          STELLWAGON 80-130    Short Curved                 $468.00     

          STELLWAGON 80-130     Long Curved                  $479.00        

           STELLWAGON 80-130    #4 Curved X-Long         $509.00

Stock Colors

Black over Gold with Mettalic Red Trim
Black over Pewter with Gold Trim
Black over Green with Gold Trim